Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Colorado Delegation Meeting

The Colorado Delegation to the National Convention held its first meeting today. We elected our delegation leadership, and the Clinton delegates showed just how passionate they remain about their candidate.

We also learned about the convention schedule and more about what our responsibilities will be. Each day will start with a breakfast meeting, followed by various meetings during the day, and the convention will convene at 3pm each day and run until business is complete. While it sounds like a lot of long days, the evenings will be full of fun with a variety of social events. The first event is a block party on the 700 block of Santa Fe (near the Obama and State Party offices) on Sunday August 24th beginning at 1pm. The same day we have a welcome reception for the Colorado Delegation at the Governor's mansion. I must say, all in all, it's very exciting!

We also learned that it will be very expensive. Each Colorado delegate must stay at the delegation hotel, The Grand Hyatt, at over $300/night!

There will be "watch parties" each night in a ballroom at the Grand Hyatt with a live feed of the convention on a big screen.

We also learned that Sen. Obama will be visiting Denver this Wed.

I'll update this blog as I learn of additional details.

Friday, May 23, 2008

This Blog Will Continue the Blog I Began at

I established this blog to continue the blog I began at under the title "Jeff Hart's Blog". I thought "hart4obama" would be easier for folks to remember. Check back here to follow my path to the Democratic National Convention August 25-28, 2008.

State Convention Election Results In!

I received a call from State Party Chair Pat Waak last night who told me that I was elected as an at-large delegate for Obama to the national convention! I could hardly believe it! I can't wait to tell my family and everyone that helped me get to this point! And if you are one of the delegates to the State Convention that voted for me, THANK YOU! Thank you for placing your trust in me to represent you at the national convention where I will cast a vote on our behalf to nominate the next President of the United States, Barack Obama!