Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Biggest and Best Organized Campaign--Ever!

I just got home from a training session for Obama poll leads and poll checkers. There were a couple hundred volunteers there for 2 hours to learn about their roles on election day. Of course, it took a very large room to accommodate these people. It's the same room used every day and every night to dispatch volunteer canvassers and to house the phone bank. It's also the same room that will be used to train hundreds more Obama volunteers over the coming days. It's at least 3 times as large as the entire Kerry State campaign office where I spent a lot of time 4 years ago.

This is the biggest and best organized Presidential campaign I have ever seen--maybe in history. I think Obama has 50 offices around the state, and more volunteers than you can shake a stick at. Obama will have a volunteer covering almost every precinct at every polling place in Denver to keep track of our supporters who have voted. Then, we have enough volunteer phone bankers to call those that have not voted until they vote, and enough volunteer canvassers to dispatch to the homes of every Obama supporter and, if necessary, sit on their doorstep until they get home from work and get out to vote before 7 pm. Four years ago, we could have only dreamed of such resources! If we had half the number of paid campaign staff and volunteers 4 years ago, John Kerry would be President today! As it is, the number and enthusiasm of Obama's volunteers is going to ensure that he wins November 4th.

Having said that, we can not let down. We can not get comfortable. We can not back off. We will only win if we continue to get out there and continue to identify our remaining supporters through canvassing and phone banking every day until the election, so we have the information we need to get the vote out. We can win, and we will win, if we keep working hard for the next 2 weeks. And if tonight's volunteer turnout is any indication, our folks are chomping at the bit to do the work that needs to be done!

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