Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Now Let's GOTV!

I must say, I think I really did out-do myself this year! Every year our extended family gets together at a family-member’s home for our annual pumpkin carving get-together. This year, it was at our house, and this photo is of my creation. Can you tell who it is? I hope so! The picture, however, simply doesn’t do it justice. My whole family, including me, was mesmerized by how much it looked like our candidate for President of the United States, Barack Obama!

After we’re all done handing out treats tonight (does anyone do tricks anymore?) and escorting our little ones around the neighborhood, we all need to get to work for the next 4 days. It’s called GOTV, or “get out the vote”! The winning candidate will be the one with the most volunteers, and the most organized GOTV effort. Will it be Barack Obama, or John McCain? YOU decide! You can come out and join us this weekend as we begin “chasing” mail-in ballots on the phone or on the streets of the neighborhood by canvassing. We’ll be doing the same all day Monday and Election Day. We’ll also need drivers for those that need a ride to the polls, and many, many other tasks that need to be done to GOTV. So, PLEASE go to to sign-up to help, or call me at 303-907-4664.

Do you want to wake up Wednesday and be sorry you didn’t do more? Or do you want to spend the rest of your life knowing that YOU personally contributed to electing Barack Obama, the most transformative President of our lifetime? What future do YOU choose for yourself, your family, and your country?

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