Saturday, November 1, 2008

Barack Tells Us, "It's Time to Double-Down"

Barack called us tonight at the South Denver Obama headquarters to thank us for all the work we’ve done, and to ask us to “double-down” on whatever time commitment we had planned to make over the next 72 hours. The 8 p.m. conference call, just before he went to the podium to speak to a crowd in Springfield, MO, included 20,000 field organizers and volunteer team leaders spread all over the country. Several months ago, he asked us to “make this our project”, and tonight he was gracious in his praise for what we have accomplished. He said it was simply “astonishing”, and he was “proud” of everyone that has contributed so far.

In addition to that doubling-down and “spending every waking moment” through Election Day calling our supporters and knocking on doors, he asked us to do two other things. He asked us to bring our friends and family for the final push to get out the vote. And he asked us to help keep everyone’s spirits up—our fellow volunteers, and the voting public. He said we’re on the five-yard line, and we need to “leave it all on the field”—meaning give it all you got and hold nothing back. “We can’t let this slip through our fingers”.

So, this is it. Are you ready to double-down? Are you willing to “go all in” for Barack and your country? Will we let this slip through our fingers? Will you spend even just 3 hours out of the next 72 to help get out the vote, and perhaps change the course of history?

It’s really easy. Just come down to 1355 South Colorado Blvd., or go to to find a campaign office near you. We’ll train you in small groups (as shown in the photo) in how to talk to our supporters on the phone or on their doorstep. All we’re trying to do is to get them to return their mail-in ballot or get to the polls Tuesday. I promise--it’s a lot of fun. And you’ll be able to look back, and say, “Yeah, I helped make a little history in 2008.”

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